Betting Apps for 2017

With mobile becoming the go to method for pretty much any online task nowadays we felt it was important to not just look at what the betting sites offer but also how good their betting apps stand up in comparison. Here you will find all the of our favourite betting apps which we’ve put through rigorous testing to ensure you only get the best:

Our Recommended Betting Apps for 2017

Rank Betting Site Rating Sign Up Bonus Review
1 10Bet4.8/5 50% up to £200 Visit Site
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2 BetVictor4.6/5 400% up to £40 Visit Site
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3 Genting Bet4.6/5 100% up to £25 Visit Site
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4 Bet3654.5/5 100% up to £200 Visit Site
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5 ComeOn!4.1/5 100% up to £10 Visit Site
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6 SunBets4/5 200% up to £10 Visit Site
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7 888Sport4/5 300% up to £30 Visit Site
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8 SportingBet3.9/5 100% up to £50 Visit Site
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9 TonyBet3.9/5 100% up to £100 Visit Site
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10 Ladbrokes3.8/5 100% up to £50 Visit Site
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11 Mr Green App3.8/5 100% up to £20 Visit Site
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12 Betfair3.8/5 100% up to £100 Visit Site
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13 LeoVegas3.8/5 200% up to Winning Visit Site
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14 Grosvenor3.7/5 100% up to £20 Visit Site
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15 William Hill3.7/5 300% up to £30 Visit Site
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16 PaddyPower3.6/5 300% up to £30 Visit Site
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17 MobileBet3.6/5 100% up to £10 Visit Site
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18 BetBright3.6/5 100% up to £50 Visit Site
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19 Betway3.5/5 300% up to £30 Visit Site
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20 TitanBet3.5/5 100% up to £50 Visit Site
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How to download betting apps for your mobile device:

If you’re wondering how on earth you download a betting app for your mobile phone make sure you read our handy guide for both iOS and Android devices. If you get stuck following these guides feel free to get in touch with us and we will do our best to help you out.

Downloading Betting Apps for the iOS  Devices

Now for those of you who use iOS powered devices such as the iPhone or iPad you’ve got it pretty easy, just head on over to the app store search for your chosen betting website who’s app you’d like to download and click the download button. This will then save the application onto your home screen where you will be able to log in and bet whenever you’d like. You can also download the app straight from their website as well if you wish.

Downloading Gambling Apps for Android Devices

Now when it comes to using android devices such as a Samsung mobile or tablet device you unfortuanately have it a bit harder, this is because the google app store (the go to place for all android apps) do not currently allow gambling apps of any type into the app store. So if you see any apps up there do not download as these will of been created by third parties in an attempt to steal your data. Now if you’d still want to download the bookies app you will need to head straight to their website and find the mobile section on site. Here you will find a link which will allow you to download the app straight to your mobile. Once downloaded you will be able to log in or register with your own details are bet to your hearts content.

How to save a web app

Now not all of us have the space available to download the app or maybe your phone isnt currently supported, well theres a 3rd option of downloading the web app instead, what this essentially is is a bookmarked version of the website which allows you to go straight to the website without having to type in the URL in the web address. To do this go to the website first and then open up the boomarks tab and click save. Once done you’ll have a lightweight and quick way of accessing your betting account.

Benefits & Disadvantages of using an app to bet:

As with all forms of betting there are both benefits and disadvantages to using it. Here we will cover some of the one we found, its then up to you to work out whether mobile betting is for you:


Mobile betting is catching on like a wild fire and here are some of the reasons why we consider it becoming this popular so quickly:

  1. Bet Anywhere at Anytime: Before the internet we had to go down to the local bookies to place a bet, which meant leaving the house in order to bet. When the internet was invented and bookmakers finally launched their betting sites we could then bet from the comfort of our own home which is great but we still had to be in a fixed locatin. But then the smart phone revolution came and we could place a bet from anywhere at any time as long as we had internet. This means we can be sat at the pub with our mates watching the saturday game and still be able to bet without having to head home or to the bookies round the corner.
  2. Security: Betting through an app gives us added security, its much harder for a hacker to get into a bookmakers server than it is for them to hack your computer, this means you can bet with the knowledge that your details and your money are safer as they are transferred back and forth through the apps server.
  3. Mobile Bonuses: As apps become increasingly popular with the punters more betting establishments are taking to offering mobile incentives to get you to move over, even if you’ve already got an account with them. More bonuses = more chances to win. We believe as mobile betting becomes more popular we will start to see some serious bonuses being offered to punters to keep them coming back.
  4. Speed: As an app is installed directly onto your mobile it actually takes less resources than it would do betting over the website. This is because your mobile takes part of the burden meaning you can place bets faster, which is especially helpful when betting on the in-play markets where speed is kye for getting the best odds before they change.


Unfortunately as apps are still pretty new there are a few kinks that do need to be worked out:

  1. Screen Size: Mobiles come in all shapes and sizes which can really hinder your betting experience as the app is already shrinking down all the information you would get onto your computer into the small screen of your phone. This could mean you’re missing key details that you would normally have before you place a bet.
  2. Buttons Too Close: We’ve all had the problem especially with touch screen phones where we press something by accident, this could lead to you cashing out a bet that you wish you hadnt or even placing a bet that you didnt mean to which both could be costly experiences.
  3. Hard to put down:  The thrill of gambling is some times bad enough as it is add that with the ease of mobile betting can be a pretty bad combination given its so easy to place a bet.

Looking at the above in our opinion mobile betting is certainly the way forward so if you havent downloaded a betting app yet we seriously think you should be!


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