Football Betting

So you want to try Football is one of the most popular and passionately followed sports in the United Kingdom. From the Premier League to the Champion’s League, FA Cup, World Cup and European Cup, as well as foreign competitions like the Bundesliga and La Liga. Since the advent of the Premier League in 1992,  soccer has reached new commercial highs each year, as more and more viewers tune in to be part of the nation’s most loved sport.

That’s why it’s no surprise that football betting is incredibly popular. Indeed, gambling is worth a whopping £13.8 billion to the UK economy.

Best Football Betting Sites

In the UK, a number of top key bookmakers offer football betting, including Bet365, Unibet, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betway, and Betfair. Here, we have selected some of better known names for you

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Football Betting Experts

Football betting is all about strategy and knowledge of form, so you’re going to need a deep understanding of what makes teams, players and managers tick. In order to do this, you best advised to get expert help from the most knowledgeable people in the game.

One great place to get the lowdown on how teams are performing is to check out the advice of Sky Sport’s ‘Pundits’. These include well known commentators that will be familiar to readers from Soccer Saturday and Monday Night Football. They include the likes of Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, and Guillem Balague.

The football pages of the Telegraph, Guardian and BBC are also good places to find out what is happening with your team, and the various leagues and competitions.

Some Football Betting Tips

Football betting has evolved a lot over the years, and it can be intimidating to understand for the newcomer. Here are some good rules of thumb for the uninitiated.

Take Form Into Account:

Is the team you are betting on playing in good or bad form? Are they on a run of wins or losses? Take this into account when looking at the outcome of a bet. Home and away form are also key points to consider. There is a reason certain stadiums are referred to as ‘fortresses’, and this is because they are places where the home team rarely loses. By carefully studying the statistics of team performance during a season, and in previous seasons, you can gain some understanding of the direction of travel when betting in a particular game.

Manage Your Money Carefully:

By making clear decisions in advance, you can stop yourself from being irrational when you are in the heat of a betting session. Setting ground rules is essential. You should treat your ‘float’ of money as disposable, and assume that you will lose it, which is entirely possible. Secondly, you should not bet money that you have not previously set aside. This will encourage you to avoid ‘chasing’ a win when you have been on a run of losses.

Control Your Emotions:

Professional gamblers are masters of their emotions. When you are making decisions, it’s vital to be cool, calm and logical, and avoid being excessively rattled by a loss, or excited by a win. By preventing these spikes in emotion, you will avoid betting money you cannot afford to lose, digging yourself into a bigger hole when you are losing, or taking foolish risks when you’re on a roll.

Look for Value:

By carefully studying the form and the odds on offer in games, you will be learn to spot opportunities to back bets that have a better than average chance of producing a favourable return. By backing these types of bets, you will maximise the amounts you should receive if you get the outcome you have backed. The easiest way to do this is to get a decimal value for the probability of a win, and a decimal value for the odds being offered, and compare the two. Where the probability exceeds the odds on offer, you have greater ‘value’ on offer, and this is effectively an attractive bet to take.

Football Betting Terms Explained

Something that may help you introduction to the world of football betting is an understanding of some of the terminology involved. So, for your information, we have complied a short glossary explaining some of the key terms.

Asian Handicap:

Asian handicap is a type of handicap betting where the bettor’s original stake is returned if the team they have backed fails to overcome the handicap that has been set originally.

Arbitrage Betting:

This is where a variation in the odds offered by different bookmakers allows a bettor to bet on both possible outcomes, and thereby make a profit without risk, ensuring they win whatever the final result.

Correct Score:

This is a type of betting in which, as the name suggests, the bettor bets on the exact outcome of a game at the end of normal playing time. There is considerable betting activity around this form of bet.


A fold is the number of outcomes chosen in an accumulator bet. So, for example, you choose ten teams to win in an accumulator bet, this would be a ‘ten fold accumulator’.

Handicap Betting:

This is a type of betting which is often employed where the outcome is already easy to predict. For example, a win for a team like Manchester City or Barcelona, against a lesser side. The favourite can have a handicap, such as -1 applied against it, to overcome, for the bet to be classed as a ‘win’.

Over / Under:

A bet in which the bettor bets on the outcome of activity in a game being over or under a certain number. This can be applied to any statistical variable, such as the number of corners, cards, goals, etc.


A single bet is the most common type of bet. In this bet, one outcome is backed in single event, as opposed to the outcome of several games. However, the outcome may be more than a win, lose or draw – it may involve over / under, handicap betting, etc.

Value Bet:

In this type of bet, the bet being offered is better than the statistical chance of the predicted outcome. So, for example, if you are offered long odds on a top team to win, then the value of the bet exceeds the likelihood of the outcome, so it is a value bet.