How to Assess Winning Streaks

As any gambler will know, you will go on big winning streaks and big losing streaks. They are a big part of gambling. The best and worst gamblers will have all had their fair share of both and will know how hard they are to deal with. Winning streaks will give you a great boost in confidence and show you that you are capable of picking winners out. However, you need to remember the high times because losing streaks have the opposite effect, and you can’t let them affect you too much.

Everyone loves a winning streak but when you go on a winning streak it is vitally important that you do not get caught up in the moment and you need to learn from the streak. Learning from your gambling and changing your approach based on what works is vital to becoming the ultimate gambler and it is something everyone should be doing. The winning streak will raise your confidence so you need to keep your discipline through this, but remember that a winning streak shows you are doing something right. It is important you know what you are doing correct during your streak and you need to take something from it forward with you.

The best way to approach a winning streak is to treat it as a very good and profitable learning curve. If you are doing something right, then don’t get caught up in the streak, study what you are doing and what you can do in the future to help yourself back more winners and become a better gambler. Mastering how to maximise your returns while you are on a streak and make sure you learn something from the streak to take forward with you should be your two important goals when on a streak. At the time it may be hard to concentrate on these two things but in the long run, they will help your betting improve massively.

Discipline and Structure

The two most important traits that any gambler should have are discipline and structure. These two things will give any gambler a great chance of being successful and maximising their profits. When you are on a streak these two become even more important, and even if your streak is a winning one you still need to have structure and remain disciplined, despite the winnings coming in.

I hope that you already use a betting bank to place your bets, either using a percentage or a point system to work out how much you stake on each selection. These are two successful methods, and if you use either of those you can ensure you can’t get carried away with your streak. This will mean you won’t make any silly errors, either by staking too much or getting carried away with things while you are on the street.

I always try my best to view betting as simply as I possibly can. When I am on a winning streak, I always ask myself one very important question:

Just because I have backed six winners in a row, does that mean my next selection has a better chance of winning?

The answer will always be no because results do not affect each other like that and that is something to remember when you are on a streak. Every bet you place should be treated individually and separate from the rest of them, so your staking should always remain in line with your staking plan, regardless of whether you have just backed 10 winners or 10 losers. One reason you should never use for staking more is that you have just had a winner.

If you do not already use a system with your betting bank then I advise that you look into doing that straight away. This can be either a point system or a percentage system. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. A points system will probably not be too far away from what you do now, just with more discipline attached to it and a system in place for you to follow. If you have never used a system before then once you have implemented it I am sure you will see your profits rise because systems will force you to be disciplined, even when you are on a long winning streak.

Learn From Your Winning Streak

One of the most important things about gambling is that you need to constantly be learning from what happens. Every gambler still has something to learn, even the best of them, and I am sure you can pick up many different tips still. When you are on a winning streak it is important that you celebrate but also learn from what is happening and what is going right. You may think you are a good gambler, but like everyone else, you can still learn many different things.

Streaks are a great learning curve, although they can be a hard time to learn. You are probably more concerned with celebrating when your sixth winner in a row comes in, but it is vital to take a few steps back and look at why you have been successful. If you can work out what has made you back those six winners, you may be able to repeat your streak in the future. Losing streaks can provide you with a great learning curve, but the winning streaks will also show you the way forward. If you can learn what you have done or changed that has caused the streak then you have a much better chance of replicating it in the future.

When I am on a winning streak, I always look at the selections I have made during that period and before that period and see if I have changed anything. This may be what I am betting on, the way I am choosing my selections or anything else that could have brought about the change. There is a chance that nothing at all has caused the streak and it really is just a lucky streak. That is fine and if that is the case you just need to enjoy the streak while it lasts and try your best to keep it going.

If you are able to identify what has led to your winning streak then you are holding some vital information that in the long term is going to be much more important than the actual streak you are on. The streak won’t last forever, but if you can identify what led to your streak then the information will last forever and you will be able to use it on every bet that you place.

While you are riding on a high you probably won’t want to look at your betting but that is exactly the right time to study what you have been doing. Gambling is a long term project and becoming better and learning from what we do is the only thing that will make you a better and more profitable gambler. By learning, you will keep yourself ahead of the field and that is something you need to do to remain very competitive in the world of gambling.

In Conclusion

Winning streaks are the best type of streaks to be on and you must enjoy them while you are on them. They will always come to an end, but the vital thing to do is to learn from the streaks you go on and work out what caused you to back those winning selections. If you can work that out then you will be able to keep that information forever, much longer than the streak will last.

When you go on a streak you need to make sure you have structure around your betting, and you also need to remain disciplined. This will ensure you keep a cool, calm betting head, no matter how much you are celebrating as your winners roll in. It will also ensure that you maximise the profit you make from the streak, you don’t make any silly mistakes and you bet as though nothing is happening around you, even though it is a great betting moment for you.

While you are on a winning streak, make sure you remember what it feels like, because the feeling won’t last forever. The motivation you need when you are on a losing streak is to remember what a winning streak feels like. That should make you strive for another winning streak to get you back to feeling great again. It only takes one winning bet to start off a streak and your next winning bet could be the first in your new winning streak, make sure you keep thinking positively like that and your next winning streak will not be too far away.

Gambling is not about winning tomorrow, gambling should be about winning for years to come, it is a long game that is being played, make sure you treat it like one.