How to choose the right betting site for tennis

When you are looking for a new betting site to use for your tennis bets, researching is the vital thing that you must do in order to ensure you are choosing the right website. Many people put little effort into this, but it could have a huge impact on your betting, so it makes sense to spend time looking through your options, before eventually picking the right one. Sticking with a big name, or using the same bookmaker as your friend will have worked in the past, but not now, thanks to the amount of choice on offer and the variety of bets that are offered.

Everyone, even your close friends, will be in a slightly different way and what works for them is not sure to work for you. Small betting sites are offering different ways to bet and great sign up offers, all to tempt you into signing up with them because they don’t have the big name brand behind them. These companies are changing the way betting works and make sure you do not discount them when you are looking for a place to bet.

Sign Up Bonuses

The first thing you should do when looking for a new bookmaker to place tennis bets is to draw up a shortlist of the bookmakers you are interested in. Take a look at what these bookmakers offer new customers, every bookmaker will have some kind of offer, so make sure you choose the best ones and ones that suit the way you bet.

If you back tennis accumulators, an offer giving you a free £50 single bet on the football may look good but it will not suit your betting needs at all. Many bookmakers also offer bonuses on their casino games. Again, this will not help you if you do not use them no matter how impressive the offer looks.

The smaller bookmakers tend to offer better bonuses or different ones tailored to certain sports so make sure you do check these out as one of them may even offer a tennis bonus. If you do look at the smaller bookmakers then it is vital you check their markets, they may not offer the ones you want. The one thing to remember with a sign-up bonus is that everyone offers one, and make sure you choose the one that suits your needs, which may not always be the biggest.

Weekly Offers

The sign up offers that are put together by bookmakers are certainly the headline grabbers but it is important to look underneath those and find any weekly offers you could take advantage of. These are designed to not only bring new players to sign up with them but to keep the regular players happy and make sure they don’t start looking elsewhere. The competition for our business has made these weekly offers so popular, and it is very important you take advantage of what you can.

The key to really making the weekly offers pay is if you can find an offer that covers what you already bet on and how you already bet. I wouldn’t advise changing how you bet just so you can take advantage of a weekly offer unless it was too good to miss. However, if you can find an offer that gives you something a little extra, and it doesn’t change your bet type or your bet stakes then it is certainly a huge reason to sign up with a particular bookmaker.

The most common tennis weekly offer I have found is an accumulator bonus which is given to you if you have a winning accumulator that meets the minimum criteria. The criteria might be that your accumulator has a minimum of eight players and is a minimum of £5 stake. If you are a punter who already places accumulator bets that cover those two stipulations then you are onto a winner if you can find one of these offers. This means you can continue to bet exactly as you are doing now, but with the added bonus you will receive, which is usually up to 10% on your returns. That means that just for changing bookmakers, regardless of the welcome bonus you have had from them, you will receive an extra 10% on your winnings every time you have a winning tennis accumulator.

In the long run, if you keep making yourself eligible for the bonus offer then it will far outweigh anything you can get back from a sign-up bonus so, in this instance, the weekly bonus becomes far more important than the sign-up bonus. Many bookmakers offer weekly bonuses on many different sports and bet types, try to find one that suits you and this weekly offer will become the most important thing when it comes to improving your betting profit.

What Do You Bet On?

The one thing I always think when changing to a different betting site is that I am changing the site I bet with, not the way that I bet. Just because you are using a different bookmaker that doesn’t mean you have to change the way you bet. Many people often forget to check that the exact same markets are on offer with their new bookmaker before the move across, and then it is too late. Any additional markets are always welcome and give you a choice, but the most important thing is to ensure that you can continue to bet the way that you do now.

After you have your shortlist of potential new betting sites, log on to them and check to see what tennis markets they have available at that time, and compare this to your current site. In an ideal world, you will move to a new betting site that offers your more choice and more variety than your current site, but it is important that it offers at least the same as you have now.

When you bet on tennis tournaments, I am sure you have your own specific way of betting and a strategy you follow. This may be similar to how your friends bet, but it will always be slightly different. This is why recommendations are not always as good as they seem, even from friends who bet on the same sport. Betting is very personal and there isn’t anyone out there who will require exactly the same as you from a betting site, make sure you remember that when people are giving you their recommendations for a new betting site.

I always allow friends to tell me where they bet and what their experience has been, but I would never blindly follow them. Their betting site would make my shortlist, but it would go through the same process as all the other betting sites on there, I wouldn’t give it any preference because my friend told me to use it, betting no longer works like that.

When Do You Bet?

One of the most personal things about betting is the time you bet, and how far in advance of an event you place your bets. When you look for a new betting site you need to make sure that not only are the markets available, but they are available when you need them.

Many people have to bet at a certain time due to work or family commitments. If you are one of these people then this is especially important for you. You will need the markets to be open in advance so that when you get time to bet, you can log on and place your bets. Some people need markets two or three days in advance of the event starting and at that time they are not always available with every bookmaker.

If you back on the standard win market then you will usually have no problem with the markets being available for you, however, this isn’t the case for the smaller markets. These are usually available later and many bookmakers will price them up at different times so you need to know if your new bookmaker prices them up early enough for you. This is another way you could be forced into changing how you bet and it is something you do not want to do.

The best way to check for this is to trial the bookmakers on your shortlist after you have placed your bets for the next event. When you place your bets, visit the websites you are looking at joining and see if you would be able to place the bets you have just placed with them at that moment.

If the answer is yes then you will probably be ok, but if the markets you are looking for are not available then it is not a good sign and I personally wouldn’t be signing up to that bookmaker. Running real time tests like that is something a lot of people don’t think about doing, but it gives you a definitive answer based on how you bet.