How to Convert Free Bets into Cash

One of the big advantages of opening a new betting account is that when you open it you will be given a free bet or maybe more than one free bet from the betting company as a reward. The free bets you receive vary in amount greatly, so make sure you shop around to find the best deal for yourself when you are opening a new account. They start at a simple £10 matched bet and could go all the way up to a total of £200 spread across different bets after you hit certain targets set to release the free bets into your account. No matter how big or small your free bet is, make sure you use it to your advantage, do not waste it, make some money from it instead of falling into the trap many others do and waste it.

To give their existing customers something to be happy about, a lot of bookmakers have also started to offer regular free bets to their current customers. This gives them the chance to make money from the bookmakers risk-free and although they tend to be smaller bet amounts such as a free £5 or £10 bet, money can still be made. This is an opportunity for punters and it shouldn’t be overlooked by those receiving them and make sure you use it in a way that will give you something in return.

Using free bets in the right way and turning them into cash is still something a lot of people are getting to grips with, but more and more people are realising the potential to do this as word spreads. By acting now and taking advantage of free bets in the right way you can still keep yourself ahead of the field and in the game before everyone else catches on and starts doing it. There are many ways you can turn free bets into cash, and each different way has a different degree of risk attached to it. It is your choice what you do and what method you use, and much of this will depend on your individual situation, but the most important thing is to ensure some kind of profit from the free bets you receive.

Turn Free Bets into Cash Risk-Free

The cash-free method of turning free bets into cash is not something that can be done all the time because it involves using two free bets on the same event, which not many people will have. If this does happen to you then make sure you take advantage of this rare event in the right way and guarantee yourself a profit on the event you are betting on.

If you can take advantage of this situation then you will be able to guarantee yourself a profit, without spending any of your own money if you place two bets on any two-way market. Look for handicap betting markets, or over/under markets on total points in sports like rugby or US sports. Here the two options available to bet on are usually the same price, or very close to being the same price so you will win the same amount of cash regardless of the outcome of the game.

For example

£10 free bet placed on under 4.5 touchdowns in an NFL game at 4/5

£10 free bet placed on over 4.5 touchdowns in an NFL game at 4/5

In the above example, your total spend is nothing because you are placing your bets with two different free bets that you have, both are £10 free bets in this example. By using a market that you

can fully cover with two different bets and one where the two potential winning outcomes are the same price, you guarantee a specific amount of profit. In the above example, the guaranteed profit will be £8, you do not receive back any stake money when using a free bet voucher, so you will just receive the £8 profit back. It is impossible to lose in this situation, there is no possible outcome where you would not win on one of your bets and you are not spending a penny of your own money, just the free bets you have.

This method is a great way to increase your betting bank and is guaranteed to help, there is no way you can lose, and despite that, a number of punters often overlook it. The returns may not be huge by placing your free bets in this way, but they guarantee you a profit, a winning bet and a boost to your betting bank which at the end of the day is what we are all looking for. If you are looking to start turning free bets into cash and you are not really sure how to get going then I highly recommend using this method. You can experiment with this, without losing any of your own cash and although the profit may only be small, you are still sure to take a profit out of the game you bet on.

Turn Free Bets into Cash with Some Risk

This is the second method you can use to turn free bets into cash and although this method involves some risk, this is the most common method people use and the one that is available more often than not. The returns are slightly better this way, but you do have the danger of losing in this method and that is something you must take into account when placing your bets.

When you are using this method you need to target a three-way market on a sport that you know quite a lot about, football is always a popular choice. When using this method you will cover two out of the three possible outcomes in the game. One is covered by your free bet, one is covered by actual cash and the other one is left alone, meaning there is a chance that you could lose the bet and see no returns.

The benefit of using this method is that you only need to use one free bet so you can do this more often, as free bets as freely available and you get them even as existing customers. However, there are two very important points to note when using this method that is different from the first method. The first is that you have to put in some of your own cash when using this method, so you need a funded account and you have to be happy to risk your own money. The second is that unlike the above model, there is not a guaranteed return using this model, despite putting some of your own money into it. The reward for those two risks is that the returns you receive will be bigger, and often a lot of people think that is worth the risk and they use this model because of that.

An example using a football match can be seen below:

Betting on the game is as follows:

Home win 6/4

Draw 2/1

Away win 7/4

You need to place two bets on the market, one free bet and one with cash as follows:

£10 free bet on the draw at 2/1

£10 cash bet on the home win at 6/4

In this example, you need to choose a game where you feel the away team will not win as that will result in you losing. Your total outlay for the game is £10 and the returns are as follows:

Away win returns £0

Home win returns £25

Draw returns £20

Straight away you can see that the returns on this method are a lot bigger, either giving you a return that is double your outlay or better. You must make sure you remember about the risk attached to this before you decide on your stake, and keep this in line with your normal betting stakes to ensure you do not lose a huge amount. If you do this regularly then you are sure to pick a loser or two using this method, which you won’t in the first method, but in the end, you have a very good chance of winning much more, by using this way.

Free bets are an often-overlooked part of gambling and something that punters need to use better because many people simply throw them away at the moment. When used correctly they are a great betting tool and one that will make your betting more profitable, with the potential to bet for a guaranteed profit.

Make sure you use them to your advantage and you give yourself something from them next time you receive one. The steps may only be small, but if you measure your success over the course of a year then you should see a nice profitable trend on the free bets that you are given. This profitable trend can make your betting even more profitable than it already is.