How to Choose a Betting Site for Horse Racing

Researching your next betting site is very important and something that a lot of people don’t spend as much time on as they should. You really want to find the best site that you can, and that means taking a look at your options, comparing the odds available, different markets, offers and everything else that affects your betting. This will make a big difference in the future and the more time you spend researching things now, the better your gambling experience will become.

With huge competition for your money, bookmakers are finding many different ways to make you choose them. They offer enhanced prices and many other things to get you on board, and more importantly to keep you on board. Finding the right offers to suit what you need from a bookmaker will leave you reaping the reward for a very long time.

Daily Offers

While the sign-up bonuses offered by bookmakers always grab the headlines, it is the long-term daily offers that will often be much more valuable to you in the long run. If you can find a betting site that offers a daily bonus on something that you frequently bet on yourself or something you will find yourself taking advantage of regularly then this will be great for you. With this, your betting will be more profitable and you will not have to change anything about the way you bet to get that extra profit. While sign up bonuses make all the headlines when searching for a new betting site make sure you look under the surface and pick out the daily offers.

The most common daily offer is the best odds guaranteed offer, which is now available with many bookmakers. Some of them still do not offer this and if you are with a bookmaker who doesn’t offer it, I suggest you change pretty quickly. Best odds guaranteed means that if you take the price on a selection and the SP is bigger, you will be paid out at SP if it wins. This puts you in a no lose situation, take a price and if the SP is bigger you will get the SP. I personally wouldn’t use a betting site without this, it is that important and it is freely available.

For those that like to bet each way on the horses, make sure you research into whether or not your potential new bookmaker offers enhanced each way terms. The best way to do this is to look on a Saturday when there are races where the terms may be enhanced. This may be from 1/5 the odds to 1/4 the odds, or it may mean paying an extra place. If you do a lot of each way bets, this will make your betting more profitable and potentially give you winning bets that would be losers where you currently bet, due to paying out on the extra place. Again, in the end, this could potentially make your betting more profitable without you actually changing anything at all, with how you bet.

The final offer to lookout for is a bookmaker that gives out free bets as a loyalty bonus such as Sky Bet, or because you have backed a winner in one of the TV races. These are pretty common and constantly give you something for nothing. Again, something else that makes your betting more profitable in the long run, without you making a change. The loyalty bets usually appear when a big event is coming up and you will be given a free bet for that event, thanks to you being a loyal customer with the betting site. If this happens to win then it is profit for nothing, so it is something worth looking out for.

The big welcome bonuses for signing up will often grab the headlines and make you sign up to a betting site. However, for a long-term approach, it is wise to dig beneath those and look for daily offers that will frequently come your way. Whatever the offer is, it will help your betting in some

way. If you can find offers that make you more profit, without you changing anything about the way you bet then these offers will help you for a very long time and will make changing your betting website seem the obvious thing to do.

How Do You Bet?

This applies to those who like to bet in multiple and the offers that are available on those type of bets. Some bookmakers will offer bonuses on winning multiple bets, with the most common being a bonus on winning lucky 15/31/63 bets. This is usually a percentage of your winnings and is another example of getting something for nothing, without changing how you bet if you usually place these bets. A winning lucky 15 could bring you a four-figure sum, even for a small stake with four big priced winners. Should you back with a bookmaker who offers a 10{5782443060cad75bcdbe069ee06e2d13f622f9e7a77ba35581ed75609da42958} bonus on winning lucky 15 bets then you are looking at an extra £100+ on your returns, without actually doing anything different. This type of offer will not suit everyone, but those that place the types of bet needed will get a great benefit when they land a winning bet.

If you back in singles only then you are able to place bets on the betting exchanges. These websites do not allow multiple bets like other places but offer better odds than regular bookmakers do and if you place singles only then this could be an area where you can pick up some extra profit.

When Do You Bet?

With many different circumstances forcing you to place your bets at a certain time, when you bet will have an effect on how you are suited to different betting websites. If you are tied to betting at a certain time then look for a betting website that has the markets available when you need them. This may be the night before, the morning of the race, or any other time, different websites put their prices up at different times.

This may also help you out, because you may be able to find a betting website that suits your needs more than the one you are currently using. If you can find a website that offers this, and you prevent yourself from having to rush placing your bets then your overall betting experience will improve and you will enjoy yourself a lot more.

Look For Competitive Prices

If you are betting in advance and you want to take a price then getting the best price available is always very important. When looking at different betting sites, compare the prices that they offer and see who comes out on top. If you are currently getting very good prices, but you move to a website that doesn’t offer the same then you will lose some of your profit because of that. However, if you can find somewhere that offers better prices then this is another case of making extra profit, without actually changing how you bet.

There are many different odds checking websites on the internet that make checking prices much easier than it has ever been before. You will not be able to get the best price every time unless you have many different betting accounts, but checking random races will give you an idea of how the betting site compares to others. If your potential new bookmakers is often offering the best price or joint best price about your selections then this is usually a good indicator that you will get a good price every time you bet.

If you are looking for a new betting site, make sure you find a site that is tailor-made to your needs for horse racing. With many different sites to choose from, lots of weekly offers and sign up bonuses, you will be able to find a website that matches your needs. The choice now is as good as it has ever been and punters should be taking advantage of this.

Sign-up bonuses and daily offers should be the biggest area you look at and what eventually helps you make a final decision. Daily offers will be available forever, these are available to all and will suit different betting styles. Look for one that suits your betting style, gives you offers you can take advantage of and most importantly doesn’t change the way you bet. Finding a way to get yourself more profit from your betting, without changing your methods is something we should all be looking to do.

Whether you are looking for the best odds guaranteed offers that are out there, bonuses on multiple bets or something else, there is certainly something for everyone to take advantage of. With a bit of research, your next betting site can offer you a lot and will give you many different ways to enhance your profit, without actually changing the way you bet.