How to Identify a Successful Football Tipster

There are many people who claim to be successful tipsters and capable of providing you with winning selections. Regularly you will see internet tipsters or maybe even tipsters in national newspapers advertising their recent wins. This could be on any sport but will include football tipsters who will tell you they can give you winning football bets throughout the season. They all look good on paper, but how do we actually know that the information they are giving us is correct and that they are a tipster worth following.

The range of tipsters out there is huge, ranging from those who are free to those who charge hundreds of pounds per year for their service. With so many choices, and so many different price points to choose from, it is very important to pick the right one, as going with the wrong person could be a costly mistake that you do not want to be making.

Football tipsters are very popular and I am sure that you have either your own favourite tipster, or one you have followed previously, either free or paid for. If these are your favourites then I am sure they must be good, but if you don’t have a favourite, what does it take to identify a successful football tipster?

Paid Tipsters Do Not Guarantee Success

Choosing a tipster who charges you for their tips does not guarantee success. In any sport this is true, but it is especially true in football where many free tipsters can be found. These people will regularly week in week out give their information and tips away for free. If you do decide to pay for a football tipster, it is very important to make sure you understand how much it costs you and how successful they are. Just because they charge, that doesn’t mean they are successful, and some of the best people I have found started out as up and coming tipsters who gave away their information for free They may eventually charge for their information, but if you can find one of these who gives away tips for free, with a good success rate, then take advantage while you can.

Set a Budget If You Are Willing To Pay

If you do want to pay for a football tipster to give you information and bets then make sure the one you choose is within your budget. You will find many different tipsters offering you their insight, ranging from free to hundreds of pounds per month so it is important to only go to ones you can afford. Not only do you need to be able to afford it, you also need to find a tipster who is affordable compared to how you stake your bets. This is vital to helping you make a profit with your betting and should be the one thing you look for before you pay for a tipster.

If you are willing to pay your football tipster for information and bets then it is vital that when you are looking for one, you choose one that charges within your budget. You will find that Football Tipster prices range anywhere from free to hundreds of pounds per month, so it is important to find one that you can afford. Not only do you need to be able to afford it, but you also need to find one that is affordable compared to how you stake your bets. This is key to helping you make a profit and should be the most important thing you look for when choosing a tipster.

For example, if your total football stakes in one month are £50, then you do not want to be looking at tipsters who charge £100 a month for their information. This does not match with your betting

stakes and to see any profit at all from your betting you need to make more than £150 from your £50 stakes. If the tipster you find charges just £10 per month then this would align with your stakes much better, leaving you needing to make more than £60 to make a profit. This is vital to giving yourself the best chance of winning and vital to making sure you stay betting at the same stakes, and don’t increase them.

ROI Important, Not Winning Tips

After you have found a tipster in your price range, make sure you then look into their stats to see how good they have done recently. When comparing stats it is important to compare the right stats as others may mislead you into thinking a tipster is going to make you a lot of money when they aren’t. Football betting usually involves a lot of backing short-priced selections so I would always disregard tipsters who advertise long winning streaks unless they can back it up by showing the prices of their selections. You do not have to be a professional tipster to tip up a team who are 1/8 to win at home. If someone backs a 1/8 favourite 20 times and they win 18 times out of 20, their strike rate is going to be very impressive but they will not make you that much money. This is why it is important to see what prices your tipster is choosing, or more importantly their ROI, which is their return on investment. This is usually shown as a percentage and can be worked out by using the sum below.

Total Staked – £100

Total Returns – £120

Total Profit – £20

Profit divided by stake x 100 = ROI{5782443060cad75bcdbe069ee06e2d13f622f9e7a77ba35581ed75609da42958} which in this case works out at 20{5782443060cad75bcdbe069ee06e2d13f622f9e7a77ba35581ed75609da42958}.

This means that this tipster gives me a profit of 20{5782443060cad75bcdbe069ee06e2d13f622f9e7a77ba35581ed75609da42958} based on my investment. This shows how much money they can make you, regardless of how many winning tips they have. This will help you weed out the tipsters who back long odds on shots and won’t make you much money. You will be able to see the ones that choose value bets over odds on shots and while they won’t have a huge winning streak, they will provide you with the better return on your investment. This is a vital stat that will be able to show the better tipsters and take out the ones that have a lot of long odds on winners.

Use Trial and Error

Ultimately the best way to find out if a tipster is going to suit you is to try them out on a trial basis. Whether you want to try them out without staking anymore, or by keeping your stakes small is up to you but there is no harm in trying something before you take the plunge. If you do try them make sure you record all their bets and ask yourself if you are agreeing with their selections and views. One of the worst positions to be in is when you are paying for tips but you are disagreeing with them yourself as you are stuck not knowing what to do.


With so many tipsters out there to choose from, people have plenty of options and it pays to look around. Look for one that offers good, solid information and offers a profit that makes using them worthwhile to you and your staking plan. When you have done that give them a trial before committing long-term to ensure you are fully happy with them and how they work. It may take you a few different trials until you find someone who you like and respect but when you do you should see an improvement in your betting profit.

The most important thing to remember is to choose a tipster who is in your price range and one who won’t take away all your profit based on your current stakes. Placing bets that your football tipster tells you to shouldn’t result in you placing bigger stakes to cover their cost, their cost should be covered by using your normal stakes. If you stake £50 per month you should not be paying more than £20 per month for your football tips, unless they are of an exceptional standard that you can trust to deliver time after time.

If you choose a tipster that charges you £20 then you head into the month knowing that you need to make more than £70 to ensure a profit for the month based on normal stakes. This will seem achievable to you and will not force you to raise your stakes to cover what the tipster is costing you.

Finding the right relationship with a football tipster will ultimately lead you to make more profit on your football betting. It may take time, but eventually, you will find someone you trust and someone you can use to your advantage when placing football bets. Don’t stick with the first one you find and don’t forget that just because someone gives tips away for free it doesn’t mean they are not a good tipster.