Open Championship 2017 Betting Offers & Promotions

Now that Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix are over its time to move on to the Open Championship is one of the most eagerly anticipated golfing events on the calendar and the 2017 edition of this tournament is no different. Alongside the Masters, many golf fans see The Open as the pinnacle of the sport, with every top name battling it out on courses that can make even the best players in the world look very foolish. The Open is a sporting event not just for golf fans, but for general sports fans, such is the interest in this fantastic event.

Lasting four full days, The Open is a gruelling test for both players and punters. With so many betting options available, covering all four days plus the various outright markets, punters have a great choice when it comes to how they will be placing their bets. Competition between bookmakers means that we not only have a great choice, but we also have hugely competitive prices and offers available to us, as each bookmaker tries to bring in as much custom as they can.

If you, like many other people are looking to place a bet or two on The Open, take a look at the special offers that are available before you place your bet. With so many different ones to choose from, I am sure you will be able to find an offer that will enhance your bet in some way during the week.

Each Way Offers

With a big field, betting on golf is very popular and many people place all their outright bets on the each way market. The standard terms for golf pay the first five places but when a big event comes round, a lot of bookmakers increase their terms to try and bag as much business as they can. These offers usually give punters backing each way a pay out if their player finishes in the top seven or eight, depending on the specific offer. However, for The Open this year, one bookmaker has gone over and above to give punters a great each way offer that cannot be missed.


If you are looking to place an each way bet on The Open, then Skybet are giving an offer that is far above anything else out there and one that you really make use of. The offer is available to all customers, so you don’t need to be new to take advantage of this. If you have a Skybet account and you want to place an each way bet on The Open, make sure you check out their prices.

Skybet are offering each way terms on The Open of 1/5 odds, 10 places, meaning that if your player finishes in the top ten you will get paid out from Skybet. This offer means they are paying out on at least two extra places, compared to any other bookmaker and four places extra compared to a lot of bookmakers who are just enhancing their terms to pay the first six.

Paid Winner for First Round Leader

Many bookmakers look for new ways to bring in customers and this is something I have seen before, which is a great offer. With this offer, if your player is leading after the first round, you will be paid out as though he has won the tournament.


Betway are offering this deal to new customers who sign up and place a pre-tournament bet on The Open with them. The offer is eligible on the first bet that you place on The Open and is open to single bets only. If your player is leading after the first round, you will be paid out on your bet as a winner, despite three further rounds to go in the tournament.

This is a great offer and if you want to open a new account and you think your chosen player will have a good start at The Open, it makes sense to go with Betway. With this offer, you are getting two chances to win, one on the first day and one in the overall tournament.

Free Bets

Many bookmakers offer free bets and when a big tournament comes along like The Open, there are sure to be some offers out there involving free bets. The offers involve receiving free bets on The Open as a reward for staking an amount on the tournament before it begins. Perhaps you should take a look at some of the newer betting sites if you’ve already exhausted most the list.


Ladbrokes have a free bet offer that is available to all customers, so make sure you check this out whether you have an account with them or not. To qualify for the free bets, you must bet £20 win, or £10 each way on the outright market at The Open.

If you do this you will be entitled to two £5 free bets that you can spend at The Open. One bet is to be placed on Thursday, and the other to be placed on Friday, on any market at The Open. This is a great offer that rewards people with free bets to use elsewhere. If you are thinking about having a bet on The Open each day then you really need to check this offer out as you could get your first two days free. A lot of people back players outright, as well as betting on the individual three balls each day, for those people this offer is ideal.

Best Odds Guaranteed

A lot of bookmakers have best odds guaranteed offers on different sports so most people will be very familiar with them. Here, bookmakers will pay you out at the best available price during a certain time period, regardless of what the price was when you placed your bet. Many people use this offer to cover them, in case they place their bets when the price is at its lowest.

Bet Stars

Bet Stars have decided to create a best odds guaranteed offer for The Open and this is available to all customers. To qualify for this offer you need to place your bet on someone to win The Open before the tournament starts. Then, if your player is a bigger price to win the tournament at the end of round one or two, you will be paid out at the bigger price. For example, if you back a player at 50/1, he starts poorly and finishes the first round well behind and is now 100/1, should he come back to win the tournament you will be paid out at 100/1. Golfing majors are very long battles and this offer will potentially give you a great price on your player, should he start the tournament poorly.

Money Back Offers

Money back offers are very common and many people will have taken advantage of one of these before. These offers give you your money back if your bet is unlucky, for example, if your selection finishes second. These are a great way of easing the pain after you have seen your selection beaten in a close finish.


Boylesports are offering money back if your player finishes second or third in the tournament. This includes any ties on the leader board, up to a maximum stake of £20 and the money back is given as a free bet. For those who like a bit of insurance when betting, this is certainly something to look into and it is available to new and existing customers at Boylesports.

Be Rewarded When Your Player Scores Well

A type of offer that is becoming increasingly popular is when betting websites accept a bet off you and then reward you throughout the tournament if that player does well. With this offer, if your player performs well then you are receiving back bonuses from the bookmaker, as well as seeing your player have an even better chance of winning outright. I have seen this offer with top goal scorer markets in football, and now it is moving into golf betting.


For people who want to try this sort of offer, Boylesports are offering you £2 back every time your player scores a 2 during the tournament. To qualify for this offer you have to stake £20 pre-tournament on your player, and then you are eligible to receive money back as free bets. This offer applies to single bets only, and you will only be rewarded once, on the player you back first so make sure if you are backing more than one player you check this.

You will receive £2 back as a free bet every time your player shoots a 2 over the course of the week, to a maximum of £20. This means, if your selection plays very well, you could receive back £20 in free bets, as well as collecting your winnings from the original bet. This is a nice offer from Boylesports, they are trying to do something different and if you find a player who performs really well all week then you could find yourself getting paid out twice, once for a winner and once in free bets.