US PGA Golf Betting Offers

The USPGA Championship is the final golfing major of the season and usually, produces a cracking tournament. The 2017 edition looks to be no different, and after many great performances throughout the summer, it will be interesting to see who can raise their game for this tournament. Being a major championship, the event often attracts the interest of many sports fans who don’t watch golf every week, alongside those who follow the sport closely.

The four days of any golf major are a test for both the players and those who are trying to back a few winners through the course of the event. With many different betting options available to us, the choice for those betting on golf has never been as good. From outright markets covering every player for the full four days to two ball betting covering just two players and one round, the options are becoming endless. Competition for our money from the betting sites mean that they bring out many different special offers for the big events and the USPGA is no different.

If you are looking to place a bet on the USPGA Championship, make sure you take a look at the special offers available before you place your bet. These offers cover many different things and can be used by new or current customers, depending on what the offer is. With many to choose from, I am sure you will find something aimed at the player, or the market you are going to bet on.

Each Way Offers

The big fields that we have in golf mean that each way betting on the outright market is very popular. The majority of players will be big prices at every event, meaning you can back each way and still receive a nice return if you selected player is placed. The standard pay out on the each way market in golf is to pay five places, however, a lot of bookmakers increase this for a major event. This is to attract our business as they know a lot of people will be looking to back a player, or more than one player each way for the big event that is upcoming.

If you are an each way player yourself, you really need to make sure you look at the different terms on offer with different bookmakers, it could be the difference between winning and losing.


If you are looking to place an each way bet on the USPGA Championship then Coral are the stand out bookmaker when it comes to each way terms. They are offering each way terms covering the first ten players, paid at 1/5 odds. The next bookmaker has enhanced their terms to eight places, but despite that, they are still well behind Coral with this offer.

With Coral paying out on double the amount of places that they normally would do, you really need to head over to their website if you want to place an each way bet on the tournament. They also pay two more places than anywhere else, imagine how you would feel if you placed your bet elsewhere and they went on to come 9th at the weekend. You will not be paid out unless you place the bet with Coral.

The Next Best

Behind Coral, many other bookmakers also have enhanced their odds for the USPGA Championship. These don’t offer the same great offer as Coral but do offer an enhanced each way book for us to take advantage of.

Seven bookmakers are all tied as the ones who offer the next best each way terms on the outright market. All of the following bookmakers are offering each way terms of eight places paid at 1/5 odds. They are, Bet365, Skybet, Bet Stars, Paddy Power, Betfair, 10Bet and Stan James. If for any reason you cannot place a bet with Coral, these are the other bookmakers you need to be looking at if you want to place an each way bet on the outright market before the event starts.

Free Bets

Many bookmakers offer free bets and when a big tournament comes along in any sport and this weekend the USPGA Championship is no different. With free bet offers, you will receive a number of free bets if you place a pre-tournament bet of a certain amount. If you are the type of person who likes to bet before and during a tournament then these are certainly the type of offers you will love. If you find the right offer, you can often place your pre-tournament bet and pay for the rest of your bets with the free bets that you pick up during the tournament.


As they do with many big golf tournaments, Ladbrokes have a free bet offer running for the USPGA Championship that is available to all of their customers, both new and old. The first thing you need to do to qualify for this offer is to place a bet of either £20 win or £10 each way on the outright market before the event starts.

If you meet the above criteria then you put yourself in a position where you will receive two separate free £5 bets for you to spend on the USPGA Championship. These can be used on any market at the event, with one to be placed on Thursday and one to be placed on Friday. This is a great reward for those who place the pre-tournament bet and ideal for those who bet before and during the tournament. If you, like many other people, bet on the outright market before the tournament starts and then bet on the three balls during the event, this is a great way to give yourself free bets on the three balls. You have two free chances to win over the opening two days and if you do win then you have money to spend on the final two days. This is ideal for those people and a great offer from Ladbrokes.

Free bets if you lose

Another way that bookmakers create offers for us to take advantage of is to reward us with free bets as a consolation for losing. This happens regularly at all the big sporting events, including the golf majors. In this type of offer, a bookmaker will reward customers who lose with a free bet, usually if they lose but come in second, or if an accumulator bet loses by just one leg.

We all bet to win, but having this type of consolation offer from the bookmakers will make things a little easier if you happen to back someone who loses, after coming close to winning. The free bets you receive will often be the same as your original stake but will have a maximum amount fixed to them so check the details if you look to take advantage of one of these offers.

Winner Sports

Sports Winner have created two free bet offers that give you a free bet if you are unlucky on either the outright market or on the daily two and three balls. This will cover the main markets that people use both before and during the tournament so if you like a bit of insurance behind your bets then this is certainly an offer worth looking at.

Free bet if 2nd or 3rd

For those who are going to be placing a bet on the outright market, Sports Winner are offering a free bet if you finish second or third behind the winner. This offer is available to anyone who bets a minimum of £5 on their selection, and the maximum free bet you will receive back is £25. The offer applies to win bets or the win part of each way bets and is great to soften the blow after you have just seen your selection come close to winning the tournament and landing you a nice win. It is not the same as winning, but a free bet will help you recover.

Golf acca insurance

Sports Winner have also added another free bet consolation offer for those that like to be on the two or three ball games that take place during the event. If you place an accumulator on these events, which includes four or more selection and the total odds of the bet are evens or higher, then you will receive a free bet to the total of your stake if one selection lets you down. The free bet is to a maximum of £25 and must be used on any golf market within seven days of receiving it. This is a great consolation for those who back on the two ball and three ball markets. With those games taking place each day you can quickly use your free bet a day later and save yourself some money. If you play these markets each day like a lot of people do then you get great insurance from this offer if just one player lets your accumulator down.